What’s the GMP Difference

Our employees and their unique experiences.

We only hire people who are:

  • Locally Australian based
  • Experienced sales and customer contact professionals


We actively encourage flexible working arrangements and career development for commercial professionals, including:

  • Parents wanting to work from home while also maintaining their skills and earning capacity.
  • Those transitioning between roles, taking a ‘traditional’ career break, or who have their own projects/businesses to manage but still require development and additional income.
  • People with exceptional empathy and general customer service skills, who want to develop a more commercial career and move into more rewarding, sales-oriented roles.


Our service model and our passion for meaningful, value-driven relationships.

  • In it for the long haul – we seek long-term partnerships that are based on creating innovative win-win solutions for our clients.
  • Proof of concept – we effectively measure and demonstrate the value we bring and the quality of outputs we deliver.
  • Clearly defined scope and goals – we take a highly professional brief of requirements, reassuring our clients that we understand what they are trying to achieve.
  • Add more value – we leverage our broad consulting and business improvement capabilities to ensure that we deliver additional benefits to clients beyond the primary scope of works.
  • This might include cleaning/improving your data while we work with it, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement or expansion during our partnerships/projects, or recommending great people and other partners to you from our extensive industry networks.
  • Responsive to change – we adapt and change how we work with clients over time, so that we evolve our services and value to suit changing requirements. Nothing stays still for long in today’s rapidly changing world, so we flex with our clients to remain relevant and add increasing value over time.