Gary Morris

Gary Morris

Sales Manager

With over 15 years’ experience in Sales Management, overseeing commercial teams of varying size and complexity, Gary has experience of commercial management in a broad range of industries, however specialises in the IT and Telecommunications sector.

Gary understands what it takes to build an exceptional sales team, and during his career has consistently recruited and nurtured people with the qualities required of a great salesperson. These include honesty, integrity and a genuine willingness to help and educate clients in order to support informed decision-making.

Gary’s philosophy is that a completed sale is only the first step in a continuing relationship, not the last.

In building up the GMP sales and lead generation teams, Gary engage people who embody these qualities and beliefs. This ensures the GMP brand is recognised as not only providing quality outcomes and results, but also as being a true value-adding partner for clients and customers alike, leading to long-lasting and rewarding partnerships.

Clients / Industries worked with, and specific areas of expertise

Gary’s experience spans across Sales, Customer Service, People Management and Development, and he has extensive experience working with industries such as IT/Telecommunications, Banking and Financial Services, Pharmaceutical/Diagnostics.